Wenzhou-Kean University

Chinese National Conditions & Culture (CNCC)Curriculum 

Students are required to take a total of 8 credits in CNCC, with two courses taken in winter semester of their first year and summer semester of their second year. Each course takes 1500 minutes or more. Mandatory for Mainland students.

Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours Type Size Manner
301001 Arguing and Thinking 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar
301002 Social Concerns 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Practical activity, Seminar
301003 Approaching History 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar
301004 The Inheritance and Internationalization of Chinese Culture 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar

Assessment Requirements

  • Attendence & Course feedback (20%)
  • Quiz (20%)
  • Interactive discussion/presentation (40%)
  • Test or paper (20%)

A 93~100   A-90~92   B+86~89   B83~85   B-80~82   C+76~79   C70~75    D60-69    F60

Course Description

Arguing and Thinking This course contains the Marxist philosophy, logic, dialectics of nature, social science research methods, etc., and aims to develop students’abilities in logic judgment and critical thinking. It also enables students command the basic thoughts of solving problems and basic principles and methods of social practice investigation.

Course Description

Social Concerns This course contains the education of laws and regulations which help students understand the national situation and important policies and world political and economic development. Provided with the chance to learn in the views such as sociology and mentality, students are able to know more about countries, societies and themselves.

Course Description

Approaching History By the teaching of the comparison with Chinese and foreign representative historical figures, important events and trends, students are able to have a macro understanding of both western and eastern history.

Course Description

The inheritance and internationalization of Chinese culture By the teaching of comparison with Chinese and western culture, students are able to develop a holistic understanding of different values, ideological trends and latest cultural achievements. The understanding to the communion and influence between Chinese and foreign cultures will be deepened. Explore a road to the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.