2020 Sino-Foreign University Library Annual Conference



Sino-Foreign Universities and Libraries have encountered challenges in all kinds of aspects. Thanks to our librarians and educators’ innovative efforts, the academic libraries have been significantly moving forward along with the universities and strongly supporting universities’ missions.

As always, the Sino-Foreign University Library Annual Conference provides a great platform for librarians and educators to brainstorm bright ideas and share valuable experience. In 2020, this platform, themed as Challenge | Innovation | Development, continues to serve as a stage for all of us to enlighten the future development of Sino-Foreign University Libraries.

The sixth Conference will be held at Wenzhou-Kean University, Wenzhou, China from April 1st to April 2nd in 2020.

Conference Planning Committee:

CHEN Mengjing, Wenzhou-Kean University. (chenmengjing@wku.edu.cn)
DONG Shuai, Wenzhou-Kean University. (dongshuai@wku.edu.cn)
HU Linxiao, Wenzhou-Kean University. (hulinxiao@wku.edu.cn)
JIN Qianyu, Wenzhou-Kean University. (jinqianyu@wku.edu.cn)
YAN Shilei, Chair, Wenzhou-Kean University. (ysl@wku.edu.cn)
ZOU Mengjie, Duke Kunshan University. (mengjie.zou@dukekunshan.edu.cn)

Conference Planning Committee

Email: 2020libconf@wku.edu.cn
Tel: +86 577 5587 0608 (HU Linxiao)

Wenzhou-Kean University Library is proud to announce the opening keynote speaker for the 2020 Sino-Foreign University Library Annual Conference: Loida Garcia-Febo!

Loida Garcia-Febo is an international library consultant, researcher and expert on topics such as human rights, advocacy and services to multicultural populations. She has served communities as academic, public, school, and special librarian in Puerto Rico and New York. She has taught in 27 countries and has advocated on behalf of libraries at the United Nations, European Union Parliament, US Congress, New York City’s City Hall, New York State Senate and on streets and sidewalks of New York. She completed two terms on the IFLA Governing Board where she Chaired the Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP), co-founded IFLA New Professionals SIG, served in FAIFE and CPDWL, and is currently a member of the Management of Library Associations Section. Garcia-Febo is the recipient of the 2015 REFORMA Elizabeth Martinez Lifetime Achievement Award. She was named a Notable Member on ALA’s International Relations Round Table, received the ALA Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award in 2010 and was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker Freedom Fighter in 2007. Garcia-Febo holds a BA in Business Education and MLS from the University of Puerto Rico. She was born, raised and educated in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Garcia-Febo is the Immediate Past President of the American Library Association.

Her presentation title is “Challenges, Innovation & Development: Librarians at the forefront supporting communities as technologies transform our world.” The impact of the early wave of systems of interrelated computer devices and artificial intelligence (AI), including voice assistants and machine learning (ML), is still uncertain in many fields, but it is time to include these emerging technological trends on our professional agenda and conversations. There are many functions for librarians and library professionals to support communities even as these technologies transform our world.

Educational technologies are impacting students served by libraries. As per IFLA’s recent briefing on the matter, “the use of technology in education is growing, and a new class of technologies has emerged that relies on tracking and analyzing vast amounts of student behavioral data to measure their activity, participation or wellbeing.” (July 31, 2019)

The advent of Facebook Portal, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Echo, to name a few of these new devices, have some people thinking that they don’t have to visit a library because they can talk to these devices all day and obtain information about the meaning of terms, where a country is located, and find authors of books and music for them.

These are not the only concerns. Organizing and making accessible large collections of information, ethics, Open Access, copyright and legal matters, language barriers, and accessibility are some other concerns we need to include in our conversations.

Garcia-Febo’s presentation includes explorations about the next wave of these emerging technology trends, the role of libraries, what libraries should plan, tackling concerns, recent examples of American libraries exploring emerging technologies, and resources.

Registration for the Conference has not yet been activated.

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