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To improve students’ enthusiasm to read books, reading party give them the opportunity and time to spend more time on books. After the transition from high school to university, there has been a phenomenon that many non-literary professional students do not contact with literature anymore. They want to read more great books, but as there is less and less time and heavy homework, they cannot read books as before. Hence we plan to hold the reading party to not only call out their enthusiasm to books, but also let them read in a group, to meet more people that have the same problem. At the same time, we have good students to introduce the experience to read more books, from which we can all learn a lot.  Processes: Beyond Books, Sending books, Communication.

Event Details

Date: 22nd April 2017 @ pm2:00 - pm5:00
Time: pm2:00 - pm5:00
Venue No.2 Dining Hall, 2nd Floor, Keaners’ Bar
Organizer Name: 学生大使