Wonderful Food Night activity was held by French club on Nov. 21.

Wonderful Food Night activity was held by French club on Nov. 21. In this activity, our French club prepared many delicious French food for students and invited foreign professors and exchange students to share their food traditions with students. In

Wenzhou-Kean University Accounting Club(WKU ACCT Club)

Accounting club is an academic club which welcomes students who are interested in accounting, and want to learn some accounting knowledge and also want to take part in some competitions in or outside campus. We offer different lectures and workshops

Wenzhou-Kean University Computing Club (CPS Club)

WKU Computing Club established in 2012. We concentrate on exchanging computer application and programming among students from all majors and grades. We hold workshops per week, which shares lectures about famous software and computer language, such

Finance Club

Wenzhou-Kean University Financial Club is an academic group. Financial Club is committed to let students learn the actual financial operation and learn professional financial knowledge. The purpose of financial club is “spreading financial know

Wenzhou-Kean University Science and Technology Club (STC)

WKU-STC provides a platform for students to study science and technology, to explore scientific researches and to share their ideas of science and technology. The club will hold a series of meaningful and interesting scientific activities which desig

WKU-Astronomy Club(WAC)

We are the lonely stardust crusaders. We are also a group of funny people. Burrow the hidden truth of the starry sky, then we go back to our deep mind. Explore the origin of the universe, so we can know more about the amazing planet we’re living in.

Wenzhou-Kean University English Debating Society (WKUEDS)

WKUEDS is capricious. We are outstanding but also ground-rooted. We enjoy the exchange of thoughts, so would ardently embrace every thinker.

WKU Chinese Debate Association(CDA)

Wenzhou-Kean University Chinese Debating Society is formed by the students who love debating on campus, with the purpose of nurture and enhance students’ comprehensive abilities.

Psychology Club

Wenzhou-Kean University Psychology Club was set up in 2012 and it is a school club that completely managed by students. Knowing ourselves better, challenging ourselves and realizing our own value is the core idea of Psychology Club. It aims to make s

Classical Translation Society

Classical Translation Society derived its name from Yan Fu’s three difficulties with translation: faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance. Classical Translation Society consists of a group of enthusiastic translation adherents, who pursue the reapp