Onward Future: Sino-Foreign University Annual Conference wrapped up successfully

On September 18th, the 3rd session of Sino-Foreign University Annual Conference, themed as Challenges | Innovation | Development, was successfully held online by Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. YANG Le the Acting Library Director of Wenzhou-Kean Univers

The Student Partnering with Faculty/Staff (SpF/SpS) Research Program officially launches

The Student Partnering with Faculty/Staff (SpF/SpS) Research Program is a competitive program developed to provide internal support for student-faculty/staff to launch and develop fundable research projects. We are pleased to announce that the Office

Teachers’ Day Tea Reception 2020

Teachers’ Day Tea Reception 2020 was held September 11th to award outstanding faculty in the academic year of 2019-2020 and provide an occasion for informal networking. Vice Chancellor Xia Caiguo presided the Reception, announced the recipients of t

The First Cohort of 27 Graduates Arrive at WKU Campus

On September 5, Wenzhou-Kean University launched the inaugural cohort of 27 students of the Master’s and Doctoral programs. This significant moment underscored the rapid progress of the University and represented a milestone in its development.

Welcome home! New WKUers!

Wenzhou-Kean University opened its doors to nearly 800 freshmen at a joyous Convocation Ceremony held on the Front Lawn of the University on Saturday night. The school leaders, faculty and staff members together with undergraduate freshmen and the f

2020 Sino-Foreign University Library Conference Held in WKU

On the morning of September 4, the first session of the 2020 Sino-Foreign University Library Annual Conference was successfully held online by Wenzhou-Kean University. More than 150 librarians and professionals from all over the world attended the co

Welcome! Class of 2024

WKU welcomed nearly 800 freshmen from all over China and countries including America, Korea etc. September 5th Saturday. To

A place where your heart’s desire become reality

In the summer of 2016, Professor Brown, together with about 20 university professors from the Unites States visited about 15 universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an discussing education issues with administrators, faculty and students. Th

Thinking about the significance of Bioscience in the post pandemic Era

In the post pandemic era, people will become more aware of how science and technology serve as lethal weapons to combat human diseases. Students become more concerned about the development of the biological sciences and are interested to choose biolo

How to tide over daze? Professor of Psychology told you…

Do you feel confused and lost amidst dramatic changes? Have you encountered gender-biased comments? Are you suffering from increasing anxiety due to the unexpected epidemic crisis? What should you do? How to adapt yourself to the new environment? To