Jim Yee

Jim Yee Professor Yee is a professor in the computer science department at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU). He teaches the Microcomputer Applications (CPS1032) course at WKU which is a class for students to learn about Microsoft Office application sof

Tiffany Tang, Associate Professor

Tiffany Tang, Associate Professor OFFICE:GEH B511 EMAIL: yatang@kean.edu COURSE TAUGHT: Computer Science EDUCATION BACKGROUND: Sept. 2001 – March 2008  PhD in Computer Science  University of Saskatchewan, CANADA Sept. 1993 – June 1996     MS in Comp

Pinata Winoto, Assistant Professor

  PINATA WINOTO,  Assistant Professor OFFICE: GEH B511 EMAIL: pwinoto@kean.edu COURSE TAUGHT:  Microcomputer Applications Sr Project – Computer Science Computer Systems Is/Computer Science Sen Proj Cryptography & Cryptanalysis Analysi

Mudasser Naseer, Assistant Professor

Name:Mudasser Naseer, Assistant Professor Course:Computer Science Educational Background: Doctor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Contact Me: Office:GEH B513               Email Address: mnaseer@kean.edu

Toby Michelena, Assistant Professor

Toby Michelena, Assistant Professor OFFICE: GEH B421 EMAIL: tobmiche@kean.edu COURSE TAUGHT: General Biology (with Laboratory) Microbiology (with Laboratory) Biology and Society Special Topics in Biology – Ecological Modeling EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND

Ti Peng, Lecturer

Name:Ti Peng, Lecturer Course:Mathematics Educational Background: Master, Rutgers University, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH B413              Email Address:tpeng@kean.edu

Yu Meng, Assistant Professor

Name:Yu Meng, Assistant Professor Course:SONS/Bio Educational Background: Doctor, Clemson University, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH B421               Email Address:ymeng@kean.edu

Dow Kayo Inouye, Lecturer

Dow Kayo Inouye, Lecturer OFFICE: GEH B417 EMAIL:dinouye@kean.edu COURSE TAUGHT: discrete structures calc for bus and eco calculus III foundations of math EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Aug. 2001 – May 2009     M.S. in Mathematics University of New Mexico

Douglas Olson, Lecturer

Name:Douglas Olson, Lecturer Course:Mathematics Educational Background: Master, Washington State University   Contact Me: Office:GEH C211               Email Address:doolson@kean.edu

Dat-kwong Lock, Lecturer

Dat-kwong Lock, Lecturer Dat-Kwong received the B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of California in Berkeley at age 18. Then moved to the University of Washington in Seattle, where he received his M.S. degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Chemis