Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.)

Study Duration: 1.5 year
Start Time: September 2020
Graduation Credits: 33 Credits

Program Description

Wenzhou-Kean University’s Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.) program aims to prepare English teachers to teach ESL in primary, secondary, university and adult education contexts. The program is committed to improving students’ teaching skills in various environments; to providing students with cutting-edge research in the field of English language education, theories and principles; to guiding student to carry out diverse and multi-level practical teaching activities; and to strengthening students’ capabilities and solidifying their foundation in theoretical and practical areas of English teaching. Through this program, students will gain a better understanding of current relevant methodologies for classroom practice, comprehend the significance of language analysis in teaching, and improve their understanding of adapting to the cultural environment. In order to enable students to carry out targeted learning based on their interests and career goals, this professional program covers different teaching theories and includes in-depth research in language pedagogy. Both theoretical knowledge and practice are emphasized, and students can choose their area of research from both the theoretical and practical perspectives. The program courses include: Histories, Languages and Cultures of English Language Learners, Basic Theory and Practice of Teaching English Language Learners, Systematic Observation and Field Experience in Bilingual/Multicultural Schools, General Linguistics, Phonology & Structure of American English, Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning, Assessment of Language Performance in ESL/EFL Contexts, etc.

Admission Requirements

  1. Application form for graduate program
  2. Bachelor’s degree from a college or university recognized by the Ministry of Education of China and Kean University
  3. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  4. Official transcripts of all colleges or universities attended
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Personal statement
  7. Professional resume/CV
  8. Departmental interview may be required
  9. Official TOEFL or IELTS score reports


Course Modules Credits (33)
Historical, Linguistic and Cultural Backgrounds 12
Techniques of Teaching ESL/EFL Students 12
Electives 3
Research 6

Graduation Requirements

The Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.) curriculum is comprised of 11 courses (3 credits each) for a total of 33 credits. Students who pass all the courses including research course (TESL 5098 / 5099) and successfully complete 33 credits and required academic tasks will be conferred the Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.) degree of Kean University.

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