Accounting is the systematic study of preparation of standard financial statements, analysis of company operation mechanism, usage of quantitative analysis and modern technology to solve financial problems, how an organization records financial transactions and analyzes and communicates the results of such transactions. It teaches students international accounting knowledge and experience in strict accordance with international accounting standards, and develop students’ international accounting literacy studies. The standard accounting financial statements and seeks to analyze the entity’s operating results and discusses ways in which various users can utilize accounting information. The program looks to both the business and none-profit sectors of the community. The B.S. in Accounting Program will prepare students for various positions in accounting. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit in for the American CPA examination, once 150 college credit hours earned. The program is CPA Australia accredited as well.


Career Prospects  

Accounting major is one of the most popular business majors in our university. It provides students with professional learning and skills training. With the accounting qualification certificate, our graduates are highly recognized in business community and government entities. Students acquire the professional and comprehensive abilities to qualify for various roles in the accounting profession. In addition, CPA Australia certification also helps students to stand out during job hunting and employment, and gain promotion and more opportunities for job selection.

Our graduates are employed in various fields in accounting and finance. The majority of our graduates continue to pursue graduate degrees overseas.

Sample graduate schools our accounting graduates went to:

USA British Commonwealth China
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign King’s college London, UK Chinese University of Hong Kong
Johns Hopkins University University of Glasgow, UK Hong Kong Baptist University
George Washington University University of Sydney, Australia Hong Kong Polytechnic University
State University of New York Australian National University
Binghamton University University of Southampton, UK
University of California-Davis University of Leeds, UK
Southern Methodist University University of Exeter, UK

(Source:2017 Wenzhou-Kean University Graduate Employment Quality Report)

Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study

The accounting major involves research on management accounting systems and management functions, providing financial accounting for governments, schools, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations, and the students should be familiar with all types of commercial fraud cases, including occupational fraud and non-professional fraud. At the same time, the electronic information method is applied to the design and operation of the accounting system to guide students to apply to accounting and other related business processes. The program also develops students’ skills in preparing financial statements, including analysis of liability reports, shareholder equity and investments.

Core Courses

Computerized Accounting Systems

Intermediate Accounting

Federal Income Taxes

Cost Accounting

Advanced Accounting

International Accounting


Business Law

Accounting or Finance Electives


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