College of Science and Technology


Brown 13 March 2013

Dean’s Letter:

Reasons to Consider a Career in the Science, Math and Computer Science and to study at WKU

Cross-Marketability of Skills

  1. the basic skills you learn are useful in many different professions. By studying to follow a field in science or technology you’ll be learning math, research methods, problem solving. Many different jobs across all fields need that, which means you’re already qualified. If you decide to change jobs or have trouble finding one right away, you won’t be left out in the cold. read more 

—–Dean.Larry Brown

College of Science and Technology is committed to preparing students for outstanding scientific research in the future. The college aims to help students develop critical thinking and innovative thinking in the face of ever-evolving social, economic and technological environments. Promoting students and being able to work with computer-related companies is the direction of our efforts. Based on this, we hope that these channels will enable students to provide valuable services to the society and create more opportunity in professional, intellectual and future developments for students. .

B.S. in Computer Science

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences | Data Analytics

B.S. in Biology | Cell and Molecular Biology