Notification of 2019 General Program-Education Department of Zhejiang Province Application Result

To all administrative departments, and colleges,

After application and evaluation, we are pleased to announce that three projects are proposed to be listed as 2019 General Program-Education Department of Zhejiang Province on the basis of the regulations and notice of 2019 General Program of Education Department of Zhejiang Province. Three sponsored projects are listed as follows:


No. Project Principal Investigator Project Type Amount (10,000 RMB)
1 Theoretical Study and System Development on Research Data Management YANG Le General Program 3
2 The Exploration of Improving College Students’ Skill Training and Achievement Based on Scientific Research HO Han-Chiang General Program 1.1
3 Research on the Wenzhou model of rural poverty alleviation ZHANG Qi General Program 0.5


The notification will be posted on the official website during December 4-6, 2019. Any objection to the announcement can be reported in written form to ORSP during the time.


Jiajun Bao, 0577-55870047/15057712500,


Wenzhou-Kean University

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

December 4th 2019