Zhejiang Party Secretary Che Jun Visits WKU

On the afternoon of July 24th, Mr. Che Jun, the Secretary of the Zhejiang CPC Provincial Committee led a delegation to visit Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary-General, Mr. Chen Weijun, Member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Wenzhou, Mr. Chen Genfang, Party Secretary and Director of Zhejiang Education Department, and Mr. Yao Gaoyuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Wenzhou joined this visit. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Frank Wang, Chairman of WKU Board of Directors and Dr. Wang Li, Chancellor of WKU.

Mr. Che Jun attached great importance on WKU’s development. He had a tour of the campus. His first stop is the student residence. In the public space of the student dormitory, Mr. Che talked to the students from 2019 Root-seeking summer camp. Yu Yina is 14 years old, coming from Belgium. Che asked about her hometown and whether she have had come back to Wenzhou before. He expected Yu would make more friends during this summer camp. Che said that WKU as an international university is a great platform for cultural exchanges. He would like to see more events like this, spreading traditional Chinese culture to the overseas Chinese students.

Mr. Che also visited the CBPM Hall. Pointing on the blueprint, Mr. Frank Wang and Chancellor Wang Li introduced the construction of the building of Architecture and Design, the Phase II Student Residence and the sport stadium. Che Jun praised WKU’s beautiful campus environment. He asked WKU’s campus scale, faculty and students’ career prospects. He also watched the latest WKU promotional video.
“WKU is taking the lead in the following areas; here are some figures,” Chancellor Wang Li remarked. ”90% of the courses are instructed in English; 37% of our graduates enter into World Top 50 universities. WKU Students are also successful in the job market. They find jobs in the banks, securities, and the Big Four accounting firms after graduation.” Mr. Che also showed great interest in students’ research capacity and various research activities on campus.
Che Jun fully recognized the achievement that WKU has gained in recent years. He said he have wanted to come to WKU for some time and today he finally had the chance. “The creation of WKU is a major initiative supported and promoted by President Xi when he was serving as the Governor in Zhejiang Province. The Provincial Party Committee and the Government will always support WKU and join hands with Kean University, Wenzhou Municipal Government and various sectors of society to contribute to an even better future of WKU,” Che said. “I hope WKU will stick to the goal of building itself into an international and world-class application-oriented university with Chinese characteristics. Aiming to high-standard and high quality, WKU needs to further expand the scale and strive to build leading disciplines and academic programs, offering more intellectual support to Zhejiang’s high-quality growth,” Che added.