WKU Chancellor Makes Debut at Press Conference In the City of Wenzhou, For the Future of WKU

One month after assuming his office, the new Wenzhou-Kean Chancellor Professor Wang Li held the first press conference on April 3rd, sharing his insights on university construction, workforce introduction and training, as well as the new development pathways for Wenzhou-Kean University. Also attending the conference were more than 10 journalists from presses including China Youth News, Zhejiang Daily, Sina, Wenzhou Daily, Wenzhou Evening News, Wenzhou City News and Wenzhou Business News.


At the beginning of the conference, Professor Wang Li talked about his fateful experience with Wenzhou and Wenzhou-Kean. He said, “My master supervisor back in Zhejiang University, the 86-year-old Professor Xu Yuanzhi is Wenzhounese. That being said, my first scientific research was also in Wenzhou. I can still recall, 30 years ago, it took me a long time to travel to Wenzhou by train to sample in a chemical plant. What’s even more destined is my experience of a business trip from Beijing to Hangzhou. The airplane couldn’t land in Hangzhou because of the weather, and we eventually had to land in Wenzhou. I was thinking, maybe something was destined to happen between me and Wenzhou. It turned out to be true – I came to Wenzhou, to WKU.”

校长见面会1 校长见面会2

“Learn” is the key word for Professor Wang Li’s first month in his office. He mentioned that the very first thing he did after his installation was to learn the ordinance, regulations and standards of Sino-foreign cooperative education. Wang also visited Ningbo Nottingham University and Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University to familiarize himself with the earliest cooperative educations in China.

Professor Wang Li lives on campus, and he has almost measured every inch of the campus with his feet. In his opinion, as a China-U.S. cooperative university, Wenzhou-Kean University is learning the higher education system and workforce training practices from America, which, under the context of economic globalization, will contribute to a very promising future of Wenzhou-Kean

University. Meanwhile, he also sees that the young Wenzhou-Kean University need to be diligent and brave enough to explore and to race forward.

The Ministry-Province Consultation Meeting, along with the Zhejiang Provincial CPC committee, has listed Wenzhou-Kean University as a key demonstrative construction of Sino-foreign cooperative education, where Wenzhou-Kean University has their full support to strive for an internationalized, high-standard university. Wenzhou Municipal Government and Wenzhou CPC committee, in particular, have a more specific expectation – “a contributive university in Wenzhou, an important university in Zhejiang, an influential university in China, and a distinctive university around the world”.

How will Wenzhou-Kean University march towards its promising future? “Composure, devotion, endurance, persistence, competence, resolution, attraction, human power, material resources, and funding” – this is the answer from Professor Wang Li. He also sketches out the pathway for the university’s future. The university will attach great importance to academic program construction as well as scientific research. The university will conduct high-standard scientific research and establish an internationalized platform. Wenzhou-Kean University is now applying for the qualifications of providing graduate programs, through which the university can help to accelerate the transformation of local industries and promote the economic and social development of Wenzhou. At the same time, the university is launching a special funding for workforce construction, hoping to establish a team of sufficiency, stability, internationalization, and high standards in both teaching and research. The university to now is recruiting globally, attracting more outstanding talents to come to Wenzhou-Kean with their projects.


Chancellor Wang Li also answered questions in areas of teaching, scientific research and student recruitment in 2019. The Press Conference is hosted by Wang Beijiao, Chair of WKU Board and Secretary of WKU CPC Committee.

Translator XU Kai