Experts Gathered at WKU to Discuss the Progress of *Maker Space in the New Era

Delegates of the branches of National University Science and Technology Parks (NUSTPs) from all over the country and the directors of the operating unit of Maker Space gathered at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) on the afternoon of January 18th to attend the Annual Conference 2017 of the Zhejiang branch of the NUSTPs and discuss the progress of Maker Space in the new era. Based on their professional knowledge, they shared previous experiences, exchanged ideas and minds about the construction and development of Maker Space.

This gathering was co-sponsored by the Zhejiang branch of the NUSTP, Ouhai Science and Technology Board and WKU, and organized by the Wenzhou NUSTP and **Wenqinghui Maker Space.

Representatives from NUSTP of Beihang University, TuStar, Southeast China University, NUSTP of Zhejiang University, and Entrepreneurship Academy of Wenzhou University narrated their experiences in the meeting.

After that, delegates from the Shanghai branch of the NUSTPs and Jiangsu branch of the NUSTPs, directors from other branches of the NUSTP in Zhejiang, as well as the special guests made their points clear in the discussion.

At last, Chaoyang Ge, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Zhejiang branch of the NUSTP, concluded that based on the way China defines Maker Space, is how we are going to develop it. “We need to fully understand the requests asked by the new era in building up Maker X-Space, and seize the opportunities to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation,” added Ge.

Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU, noted that the establishment of Maker Space in colleges and universities provides students with opportunities and facilities so they can be trained to be innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial. In order to develop WKU Maker Space better and serve WKUers, he also invited the delegates of the branches of the NUSTPs and directors of Maker Space present to visit WKU frequently and offer good opinions and suggestions.

Translated By Zhang Cui
Checked By Gary Linebarger