Wang Qiyao: From being nobody to being myself

Wang Qiyao

Admitted by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Studying in Wenzhou-Kean University is the first step of “adventure” in Wang Qiyao’s life. Before entering university, she was very introverted and quite astonished to believe she has the courage to run for the election of President of the Student Union and choose to study abroad.

All-English teaching environment, communication with foreign teachers, exploring to lead student organization, trying to organize new activity, participating in different exchange meetings… “The unique teaching mode of Wenzhou-Kean University did not make me feel very comfortable at first, but it pushed me further little by little,” according to Wang Qiyao.

During her Wenzhou-Kean University study, Wang Qiyao also served as KIWI campus media director and president of the Student Union. Before trying these, she didn’t have any management experience of campus media. At that time, KIWI had good technology and style, but it also faced a lot of critical problems such as loose architecture and no activity highlights.

As a responsible leader, she began to follow the social network accounts of other campus media. Through learning their structure, she finally carried out the reform of KIWI successfully, and led more than 90 people in 5 departments to produce the monthly TV program and campus magazine. KIWI was awarded the title Best Student Organization in 2015.

These experiences gave Wang Qiyao more courage to run for the election of President of the Student Union. In addition to daring to try an unknown field, the university life also taught her not to care what others think and see herself more clearly.

In her second semester as a junior, Wang Qiyao resigned all positions in the Student Union and started to submit applications for overseas study and prepare relevant documents. “When I really think about my own future, I realize more clearly that what others think cannot accompany you to the future, only you yourself will move to your own future. The most important thing is what kind of person you want to be,” Wang Qiyao said. “Don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone; sometimes you must take a step back, because being true to yourself may be more important.