Xia Xue: “Know” the world along the way

Xia Xue

Admitted by Boston University

Xia Xue, a girl knowing the world “along the way”

Philippines, Nepal, Tokyo, Russia…Xia Xue travelled to six or seven countries during her four years of college life. She and several other schoolmates were the first to carry out volunteer service abroad when the volunteer activity became popular in Wenzhou-Kean University.

Through online registration, On a tiny Indonesian island near Bali, she participated in the turtle protection volunteer activity and taught local children English. “I gradually realized through volunteer work that the world we see is the reflection of our consciousness and state of mind.” Xia Xue said. The more knowledge we experience, a small microcosm of the world is reflected in your eyes. If volunteer work enriched Xia Xue’s life experience, stepping into the site of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) broadened her horizons.

In 2015, by chance, Xia Xue signed up for the China qualification trial of the “APEC Voices of the Future.” After a fierce competition, she was very lucky to win the opportunity to attend an APEC meeting as one of the three Chinese youth representatives. At the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) summit taking place during the APEC meeting, Xia Xue got an up-close look at the glamour of global political and commercial giants for the first time. In particular, Jack Ma was smart and funny, President Obama was full of passion, and Chairman Xi Jinping received warm applause. She shared her experience with the local media of Wenzhou and classmates in Kean and Wenzhou-Kean Universities in the form of a diary. During the meeting, she also had informal dialogue and interviews with the heads of government, government officials, business leaders, and youth representatives from all APEC member countries. She acted as a journalist: ask, listen and record. This unforgettable memory became an important turning point for Xia Xue in her university life.