2017 Pre-University Intensive English Program (PIEP)

August 12 to 29

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PIEP is the official beginning of an academic career at Wenzhou-Kean University.

All WKU freshmen are required to arrive on campus on Saturday, August 12, move in to their rooms in the residence halls, and begin crucial orientation sessions that will allow them to “hit the ground running” and start functioning and succeeding at WKU right away. On Monday the 14th, students will meet many of their professors and begin an intensive program of classes and highly interactive activities aimed at quickly building classroom communication and research skills necessary for academic success.

During this period, students will “eat, drink and sleep” in English and begin to make the important transition to the use of English as the primary mode of communication on this American university campus!

(Note: If students enter WKU with very low English proficiency, do not make adequate progress in English development, and subsequently fail classes, it is probable that overall progress toward earning the degree will be delayed. Also: This program is included in tuition.)

Contact Person: Ms. Xiang (xiangbingling@wku.edu.cn)