The visit of human body specimen pavilion


On March 26, sponsored by Wenzhou Kean university medical center, the joint of Wenzhou medical college provided the students of the Wenzhou Kean University the opportunity to visit to the human body specimen pavilion. This activity obtained the wide response, which a total of 37 students participate in this activity. This activity aims to give students a deeper understanding of the human body structure, deepen everyone’s understanding of life, respect life, love life, as well as popularize the importance of body donation for medical development.

March 26, in the afternoon, we went on the school bus to Wenzhou medical college, when the last-long gloomy weather turns to sunny, on the bus, everybody laughing, looking forward to the upcoming trip. 1:30, we arrived at the medical university and started our wonderful tour. Inside of the science museum, in addition to the human body, there is also a humanities hall, insides has many donors’ life presentation, reflects the view of their love for life. For the respect for donors, we did not took any photos of the human body. Around three o ‘clock, after everyone finished the visit, within the harvest gained, we went back. At this point, we ended this meaning visit of human body in the science museum.


Writer | Ziyuan FU