Zheng Zhenhao – Winner of Wenzhou Youth Interpretation Contest

无标题2Congratulations to Zheng Zhenhao!

After three rounds of intense competition, Zheng Zhenhao (James), a sophomore English major at Wenzhou-Kean, won the 2rd Prize in the 5th Wenzhou Youth Interpretation Contest last weekend.

This Contest is an important city-wide event hosted by Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office and Wenzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, co-organized by English Language Center of Wenzhou-Kean University. It aims to encourage the improvement of interpretation skills and recognize young interpreters’ talents.

The judges were impressed with James’s professional skills and mature demeanor. One mistook him as a working professional and was surprised to learn later that he’s still a second-year college student.

As a student translator at Wenzhou-Kean, James has already passed the written component of the Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test and is now in preparation for the oral component. James’s direct supervisor Leo Zhu, Senior Translator of University Affairs Office, helped him prepare for the contest.