“Hall of Fame” – Official Awards Ceremony

As spring semester is coming to an end, the summer vacation is arriving soon.

In this American-style campus featuring rigorous academic atmosphere development and pleasant living environment, students in Wenzhou-Kean University worked hard and did well in both academic achievement and student activities. In order to reward those outstanding students( individual and student groups), Wenzhou-Kean Student Government held the second “Hall of Fame” official awards ceremony on June 29th.

It was an English-speaking event. The host and hostess’s fluent oral English brought joy to all the audience. The ceremony began with Anaerobe excellent performance (a band of WKU’s Music club). The first stage was scholarship award for student winners, including first-class, second-class, third-class and extra curriculum scholarship. Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs – Dr. Holger Henke gave a speech to praise the meritorious students and expressed expectations to all students. Afterwards, the ceremony went to the second stage – student group roll. The student organization with academic distinction went to Psychological Club and Society for World Civilization, while student organization with non-academic distinction went to Kiwi Campus Media and Drama Club and student organization with distinction of rookie went to Chinese Culture Club.

Accompanied by graceful Chinese classical music, Chinese Culture Club member demonstrated tea-serving ceremony, enabling the audience to have a taste of charming Chinese culture. The final stage was the issuing of special awards, including best poster, best video and best routine activity. The ceremony ended with the beautiful voice of “WKU I’m a singer”. So far, the second-term “Hall of Fame” was brought to a successful close.

Congratulations to individuals and group winners, and many thanks to all the participants. Hoping the student groups would bring more surprise to WKU in the future!