Acting Mayor Mr. Xu Liyi Visits Kean University

Education Bureau of Wenzhou Municipality and KU Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement on Elementary Education Internationaliza

In early October, Vice-Secretary of the Wenzhou Party Committee and acting Mayor Mr. XU Liyi led a delegation to visit the Kean University campus in Union, New Jersey. Both Chinese and Kean University representatives expressed they would try their utmost to support Wenzhou-Kean University and build it into a world-class educational institution and a successful example of China-US education partnership. Meanwhile, the Education Bureau of Wenzhou Municipality signed a Framework Agreement on China-US Wenzhou Elementary Education Internationalization.

On October 14, Mr. Xu attended the China (Wenzhou)-US cooperative project signing ceremony, with sections encompassing education, medical care, and business. The two sides decided to work together to establish international K-12 school, eventually rolling out a China-US cooperative high-school curriculum and teacher training program, as well as promote the establishment of a New Jersey sister-school.

Mr. Xu said, ”Despite long distances, Wenzhou and New Jersey enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. The State of New Jersey is a sister community with Zhejiang Province, and Union County is a sister community with the city of Wenzhou. The two sides have had frequent exchanges and gained fruitful achievement. Especially since the establishment of WKU, both parties have had many productive discussions concerning WKU’s operations and development, making substantial progress. This significant result derived from educational cooperation and communication between China and the United States. Just as President Xi Jinping commented in the U.S. last month, “After years of efforts, this university was finally up and running last year and is making good progress today.” This was the full recognition of the fruit of cooperation we have developed. Seizing this positive momentum, the Wenzhou municipality is willing to work with the State of New Jersey, Union County, and Kean University to deepen cooperation and build a bright future together. Particularly in education, New Jersey is one of the states that enjoy the best public school systems, while Wenzhou Municipality places a greater demand for high quality education resources than other communities in Zhejiang Province. Thus there exists great potential and a broad range of areas for cooperation.“

On October 15, Mr. Xu met with Kean President Farahi, conducting an in-depth discussion on how to further develop WKU. The delegation also visited the Liberty Hall, Science and Technology Hall, and the College of Business at Kean University. Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice President of WKU, and Dean David Mohney of the Kean University School of Architecture and Design reported to Mr. Xu about recent work and campus planning adjustment. Mr. Qian Qiang also held a special meeting on campus security issues.

A WKU staff delegation also interacted with their Kean counterparts. Staff from the WKU Student Affairs division discussed dormitory management, student leadership development, student clubs and student behavior with their Kean counterparts. The WKU IT Center staff discussed with their counterparts a desire to optimize the current campus network and improve the connective stability of its virtual private network. The English Learning Center staff planned for the next English immersion program and visited the Kean Writing Center, getting to know its staff setting and operations. Staff from Logistics and Asset Management Department studied the facilities of the Kean Union campus.