The third WKU Game Festival

On April 10th, Wenzhou-Kean University hosted its 3rd Game Festival. The event, held in the university’s auditorium, began with the performance by Anaerobe (a band of WKU’s Music club). Dressed-up as Jinx (the character in an online game) and Banana Man, the two hosts became the eye-catchers. In order to make the audience feel more included, the organizers offered a WeChat Wall(screen), which enabled the listeners to make comments on the performance of the players and express their feelings in real-time.

League of Legends and DOTA, now some the most popular games, became the highlights of the event. The competition was so fierce that audience was very excited, and someone even got a microphone to show excitement, acting as a running commentary.

Organizers said since the Game Festival has been successfully held for three times, they hope they would continue to gain support from the university and they would continue to improve in the future.、