WKU Wins 2015 the Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University

On December 4th, the 2015 Xinhua Education forum—Voice of Education— was held in Beijing. Mr. Frank Wang (Wang Beijiao), WKU Party Secretary and Chair of the Board, as well as Director of Office of Party Committee Mr.Ying Yonghong were invited to attend this event. Wenzhou-Kean University received an award as the 2015 Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University, in the poll conducted by the Xinhua education division.

This is the 5th Xinhua education forum since 2012. Xinhua held its first Voice of Education forum in 2010. With its wide coverage and great social influence, this activity has become a great annual event in China’s education circles. After a month of online voting, WKU overwhelmingly won 2015 the Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University. Since WKU started its admissions in 2012, the University has successfully host several major events, including the 2014 China-US Forum on High Education and Economic Growth (Wenzhou), and this fall’s 6th Annual Conference on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. This September, President Xi Jinping gave WKU accolades when he was at the China-U.S. Governors forum, saying WKU is “making good progress.”

Mr. Ying Yonghong, who also serves as the Director of Admissions at WKU, had an interview with Xinhua Education about how to advance China’s higher education reform and offer students a variety of ways and opportunities to succeed.

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