FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition -WKU Division Concludes

During the afternoon of January 26, Wenzhou-Kean University held an English debate competition at the auditorium hall – the 19th FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition.

Four teams entered into the final round after three round-robin preliminary debates among the 12 teams. The winners of the final round will represent WKU at a regional tournament. Award winners will enter into a Debate Talent Pool and receive a chance for an internship or interview in enterprises that sponsor FLTRP events.

The WKU competition was co-sponsored by the English Learning Center and English Debate Club. Dr. Jennifer Marquardt, Dr. Luciana Lew, Professor John Prince and Dr. Stephen Harrison were invited to judge the final competition. The theme of the final was modelled on a two-sided debate on a controversial proposal in the British Parliament: “This House would abolish all special schools for minorities.”

After more than one hour of spirited competition, the award-winning veteran student debater Mr. Zhu Jinwei, last year’s WKU winner, announced the final result. The team “Bumpkins” that included Mr. Zhang Ziheng and Ms. Xia Xue emerged victorious in the final round. In the future these students will participate in the regional FLTRP competition representing WKU.

Note:Founded in 1997, the annual event FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition has been recognized as the largest and most influential English debating tournament in China. The format used in the competition is the British Parliamentary debate format, a common form of academic debate which is internationally adopted. In the past two years, the WKU Debate Team won a third-prize in 2014 FLTRP Cup National Competition and a third-prize in Eastern China division of this competition.