Soaring, Flying | There's not a star in heaven the kites cannot reach

On Monday, April 10, 2017, Wenzhou-Kean University Student Association (WKUSA) celebrated the Qingming Festival by the grassy

Learn Micro Expressions with Prf. Stuart

On March 29, 2017 from 19:00-20:30, there was a psychological session about micro expression by Professor Stuart in GEH D401. What’s micro expression you ask? Micro expression are brief involuntary facial expressions that appear according to emotions


Since March 7th, “WORD WAR II”, the second WORD competition in Wenzhou Kean University started. The competition expands range to the whole “University City”, attracted students in Wenzhou University and Wenzhou medical University to come

Hangzhou trip of 2017 exchange students

On the morning of March 10th, the Wenzhou Kean University 2017 Spring Semester exchange students headed to Hangzhou on their first cultural tour of the semester.During the three-day trip, the students tasted authentic Hangzhou cuisine. The students v

The first Student Club Festival came to an end

On March 16th, Student Government launched the first Student Club Festival. Executive Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Phillip Connelly, Dean of Business School, Dr. Cao Jiang, and Director of Registrar Mr. Kenneth Wolpin attended the opening ceremony, extending

The Cultural and Creative Industries Expo opened yesterday with an emphasis on WKU’s products

  The 2017 International Fashion Cultural and Creative Industries Expo opened in the Wenzhou International Convention Center on the morning of March 23. Jiangyong Zhou, the municipal party secretary, Geng Zhang, the vice secretary and mayor of W

The visit of human body specimen pavilion

On March 26, sponsored by Wenzhou Kean university medical center, the joint of Wenzhou medical college provided the students of the Wenzhou Kean University the opportunity to visit to the human body specimen pavilion. This activity obtained the wide

The REAL Court Experience - Student’s First Court House Tour

  On March 22, Brian J. Quarles, the Professor of Business Law, along with 30 students in his classes, participated in a tour of the Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court.                             Professor Quarles and the students toured the c

Stay Young, Stay Swag—the Opening Ceremony of 1st Student Club Festival

Stay young, stay swag. It’s a catchy slogan to get people hyped for this event, as swag is a slang for ‘cool.’ On Thursday evening, March 16, 2017, Student Government Committee held the opening ceremony for the 1st “Student Club Festival” in the Gene

Well-known Designer Hong Wei Discusses Design

On March 1st, Hong Wei, a famous designer and member of Alliance Graphigue Intemationale (AGI), delivered a lecture for WKU faculty and students. In the lecture, Hong Wei shared his experience over decades as a designer including his career developme