The flagship business program provides students with a uniquely global, comprehensive, and personalized learning experience which prepares them to contribute and prosper in a diverse and dynamic world. Located in a new, state-of-the-art facility, this program will prepare students for careers in the new global economy by offering them the opportunity to engage in a digitally-infused global business practicum, leadership activities, networking, internships, plus interact with world-class faculty and engage in global consulting projects through Global Practica course. The program is under review for Characteristic Program designation in China.




The mission of B.S. Global Business is to provide a world-class education to demographically, economically, and culturally diverse students who are motivated to become the next generation of successful, socially-responsible global leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We offer students a demanding and dynamic program of excellence taught by expert and caring faculty with exposure to best global business practices.


Career Prospects


Studying Global Business not only helps you understand business on a global scale but develops your skills of flexibility, problem-solving ability, commercial awareness and communication, all highly valued by employers. Students can facilitate the entry or the advancement of careers in areas such as accounting, finance, HR and marketing. Possible professions include: accounting or finance executive, corporate investment banker, human resources officer, management consultant, marketing executive, purchasing or supply chain manager.

Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study


B.S. in Global Business major involves the study of foreign exchange management, international capital markets, the international treasury functions, the European monetary systems, Development Banks and the Emerging Capital markets. Successfully managing such global interdependence depends on cultural sensitivity as well as, competence in formulating and implementing global strategy within the multi-faceted interplay among the home-country and host-countries’ management values and practices. Global Business Practicum offers students hands-on business experience in an international setting. Emphasis is upon learning while working in a cross-cultural team to solve and develop actionable recommendations for a business problem posed by a client firm. Students may begin work as virtual teams before traveling to the host country complete the project.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Organizational Behavior

International Management

International Business and Trade

International Marketing

Global Business Practicum

Sustainable Global Business & Technology

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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