Marvin McClendon

A native of New Orleans, Marvin McClendon grew up in Texas and in the western Indian state of Gujarat, where his father was a medical missionary.  He studied mathematics at Rice University and earned a Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University.

Dr. McClendon’s interest in mathematics arose from his conviction that knowing about form and pattern in a fundamental way would enable him to understand the forms and patterns of nature.  His quest to understand nature led him to do research in alternative theories of quantum mechanics at Princeton and at the University of North Carolina, and his passion for learning and helping others to learn led him to teach math and physics at colleges and universities across the United States as well as in the United Arab Emirates and in China.  Most recently he taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design, International Horizons College in Dubai, and Geneva College – Shanghai.

In addition to mathematics, Dr. McClendon loves languages, poetry, traveling, and photography. He is fascinated by the shapes, symmetries, meanings, and beauty of Chinese characters.